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The Refugee Voice needs your support.
We are completely volunteer-run and rely on donations from private donors, foundations, and organizations to sustain this important project. We are in the process of becoming a registered non-profit organization, but until, we are accepting donations through paypal.

Donate through paypal by clicking the button below. Donations go solely and directly to covering the costs of the newspaper. Every dollar counts and we truly appreciate your support.


For inquiries about fundraising or donations, please contact Maya Paley at fundraiser@therefugeevoice.com

To subscribe to the newspaper please click the link below.
Subscriptions cost $10 (USD) or 30 (NIS) per issue.
Shipping fees are included in the subscription cost.
Please indicate how many issues you would like to receive and include your mailing address.
If you have inquiries regarding subscriptions, please email subscriptions@therefugeevoice.com.

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Subscription: Numbers of newspaper issue


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